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Melissa, John Tamasi and every person there tonight were delighted with all three of you AND the food AND the presentation (which was pluperfect) – you guys couldn’t have done a better job or been more helpful at every level. Without a doubt, you’re the best caterer I have every worked with! Martha K. Hunt
Melissa, I wanted to let you know HOW MUCH I/we have loved having this food. Since this is really out of character for me/us, we have laughed a LOT about it. All month long my husband would say stuff like ‘now what kind of seasoning did you put in…’ or ‘remind me once again how you cooked that…’ Several times he’s asked me, when we’re talking about dinner- ‘do you have any of your girl’s food left?’ It has been such a load lifted- I WANT to feed my husband good meals but it really, truly takes a LOT of time and hardly seams worth the time and energy (mostly time) for only 2 people. SO, way too often we ended up going out or bringing in. Melissa’s Morsels is SOOOOO much better!    
Dear Meliss,   We appreciate so much the wonderful job Morsels by Melissa did in catering our recent law firm party. As you did for our other events, you offered a creative menu with something for everyone and your food was plentiful, well- presented and (most importantly!) delicious! You and your servers provided Tom and me, us the hosts, with total peace of mind and freedom to enjoy the evening, knowing that you were handling all of the details of food service and that you were taking good care of our guests. Everyone who came gave your catering rave reviews!   We look forward to having you cater another party for our firm soon. Thank you! Thank you! Fondly,
Melissa,   The food was SO good! I sat at the table with our Executive Director, Kurt….and he was having the chili. He looked around the table and we all had the tomato basil, so he said, “well….obviously you all know something that I don’t.” He got up and poured himself a bowl, sat down beside me and tasted it and said “ I just want to dive right into this- this is delicious!” “Yep, I know!” The chili was completely gone and lucky for me, we had a small amount of the tomato basil left.  I just had round 2 for me! Thanks a million for always making me look good and for working with us on pricing, etc. I appreciate it more than you know.   Blessings Chick! Stacy  
Dear Melissa,   Thank you so much for all the quality catering you have provided ADP throughout the years. We can always count on you to provide us wonderful food for our events.   When we bring in catering to our company, we rely on caterers to be on time and set-up the tables in the way that we have requested. What is great about you is that you ask us a lot of questions, what kind of set-up do we want, décor, how to get our employees through the lines quickly, etc.   Another detail is that you are always on time. With our employees on the phones we are on a quick timetable. You are very organized and detail oriented and it is important to us to have those qualities.   Most important, your menu selection is great and everything  we have ordered from you has been wonderful. We always have great comments from our employees.   Thank you for providing us great meals and we look forward to our next event with you.   Sincerely,
Hi Melissa,   Just wanted to let you know once more how delightful the food was on Saturday night!! Everyone commented on how great the food was. We had wonderful  left overs for lunch and dinner last night! You and your staff did a great job also. It made it where I could absolutely relax about the food and share the company of my friends and family!! I can’t thank you enough and if we ever do any catering at my house again, we will certainly use your services!!   Thank you again and hope you have a great week!!
Melissa, thank you!   Thank you so much for one of the best Christmas meals we have ever had! Around our table were happy faces.  Every single dish was perfection and even our pickiest eater (who will eat only hamburgers and chicken fingers ) said it was the best meal he’s ever eaten!   Can’t  thank you enough for your willingness to deliver on Christmas Day. I hope you  had a wonderful holiday!
Dear Melissa, I want to thank you for the wonderful banquet you provided us. Not only was the food absolutely delicious, the service was perfect. You do a fantastic job and we appreciate it.   I hope you and your family have a Merry Christmas. Many blessings!  
Hi Melissa,   I have to tell you it is a little agonizing each time we cater an event for the school. I always get a little nervous about the caterer coming through, having enough food and quality. I cannot tell you how pleased we were with your service and food. Wow! Everything was fresh and so good! I also appreciated you confirming the week before and your call the morning of- it was very reassuring. I have thought of you several times this weekend and just had to let you know.   Several folks asked about your company, we were quick to hand over your cards. I sincerely hope it will lead to more business for you.   With much gratitude, Addie Turner
Oh, Melissa’s Chicken Salad, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways….eating it straight from the container with a spoon…eating it straight from the container with a spoon….eating it straight from the container with a spoon….somehow I just never get past that – and certainly no one else does!!!   This is the best batch ever- YUM! Oh and I am eating the Green Chile Grits tonight for supper and they are AMAZING!!   Thanks! Susan
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