Carol Hurst, Happy Morsels Family Meals customer

Melissa, I wanted to let you know HOW MUCH I/we have loved having this food. Since this is really out of character for me/us, we have laughed a LOT about it. All month long my husband would say stuff like ‘now what kind of seasoning did you put in…’ or ‘remind me once again how you cooked that…’ Several times he’s asked me, when we’re talking about dinner- ‘do you have any of your girl’s food left?’ It has been such a load lifted- I WANT to feed my husband good meals but it really, truly takes a LOT of time and hardly seams worth the time and energy (mostly time) for only 2 people. SO, way too often we ended up going out or bringing in. Melissa’s Morsels is SOOOOO much better!